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Wyndham House

Wyndham House is a youth service organization that primarily supports young people between the ages of 16-24 who are homeless or marginally housed.  The agency offers emergency shelter, long term supportive housing options, and a downtown resource centre for young people where they may access case management services.  Wyndham House also utilizes a strength based prevention approach to engage youth through recreation, and offers support to youth in transition to independence via several outreach services.

LGBTQ2S Youth Group

Our drop-in meets monthly and offers a space for youth 16-24 who identify as LGBTQ+  Young people are invited to hang out in a safer space and participate in occasional programming, guest speakers, life skill and recreation activities.  The drop-in a space welcomes all LGBTQ+ youth, but makes a special effort to support youth experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Impact for Youth

The impact on the youth has been tremendously positive. Many youth have shared how this drop-in offers them a safer place to gather and meet peers in a similar situations. LGBTQ+ Drop-in has also partnered with other trans and queer youth organizations within the Guelph community. The intent is to offer youth programming once a week so that young people have more opportunities to build community, access resources, and make connections with peers.  This has had the impact of increasing visibility of youth supports and giving LGBTQ+ youth experiencing marginality more places to go for staff assistance.


The LGBTQ+ Drop-in requires a space for young people to meet, as well as resources for programming and staff facilitator wages.  Staff time is spent mostly on outreach prior to the drop-in night and direct support/facilitation during the program nights.  Some resources are utilized to offer guest speakers and facilitators honoraria for their support. The hope is that young people can offer facilitation and peer support to one another and can be valued for their contributions through honoraria.

  • Space for meeting: Wyndham House Resource Centre on Monday evenings.  Space is closed to general public and only open to youth attending drop-in.  Creating safer space.
  • Staff to facilitate group: two facilitators run the drop-in, with one taking primarily lead for outreach and engagement with youth leading up to the drop-in night.
  • Budget for food, activities and travel costs: Typical budget is $30-40 per month on program supplies, food, and occasional guest facilitator.
  • Referral partnerships to support youth outside of the group: The LGBTQ+ Drop-in through Wyndham House partners with youth led group, Out on the Shelf, and ARCH to promote one another and offer programming once a week for LGBTQ+ youth.  Each community partner offers program once per week.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Christopher Bourke at 226-821-1901 or

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