Egale Youth OUTreach

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Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust is Canada’s only national charity promoting lesbian, gay, biselxual and trans human rights through research, education and community engagement. One of our primary areas of focus is on the important issues of homelessness and suicidality among LGBTQ2S youth.

Egale Youth OUTreach

Egale Youth OUTreach is a youth housing support and crisis intervention centre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning and Two Spirit (LGBTQ2S) youth (16+). The Centre addresses the needs of LGBTQ2S youth who are homeless, unstably housed, or at risk of homelessness. This includes direct service provision and providing warm referrals to safe and affirming community services and supports.

There are three full-time counsellors and two support workers. Staff advocate for and initiate solutions to address the unmet needs of under-housed LGBTQ2S youth. In addition to counselling and referrals, youth can access food and transit tokens.

Impact for Youth

Youth gain supports that assist with housing stabilization:

  • Client-centred and strengths-based intake and assessment leading to a customized support plan
  • Connection with emergency shelter and housing solutions
  • Assistance in applying for government health and social assistance programs
  • Help in obtaining government-issued identification and/or in amending sex markers on official documentation
  • Coaching on resumes and job search, as well as employment agency referrals
  • Warm referrals to safe and supportive agencies
  • Provision of food, tokens, and other basic necessities

Youth receive crisis intervention and other services

  • Same-day crisis response and counselling
  • Suicide prevention, intervention and postvention care
  • Ongoing counselling for individuals and families
  • Addiction and mental health supports
  • Medical, dental and legal aid referrals
  • Exploration of educational and learning opportunities, including high school, post-secondary and trades programs
  • Support with gender affirmation and community acceptance (e.g. transition planning and trans literacy seminars)
  • Group discussion, group counselling and interactive learning activities


  • Counselling staff and support workers
  • Confidential meeting spaces for counselling appointments
  • Budget for food, activities and travel costs
  • Referral partnerships to support housing needs and crisis intervention

Contact Information

Toll Free: 1-844-443-4253.  Phone 416-964-7887 ext. 9. Fax: 1-888-990-0585.


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